Monday, March 31, 2008

World Citizens

Guess whose grandparents just got back from a shopping extravaganza!

Look at all these reverent girls! Oh, then look at Heidi and Molly.

Emily shows off her "Mulan" hands.  Molly shows off her belly button.
Heidi tries to escape. This picture shows off their personalities too well.

Ni Hao!

In case you were wondering, Emily has not taken off that lovely 
necklace and bracelet set since she got it on February 5th.  


Paige said...

Fantastic outfits- on all those blonde girls! Perhaps we'd believe Emily's pose more if you invested in some black hair dye...

Wright Life said...

So funny! I love Molly's face in the first picture. Tell Emily that her bracelet and necklace are the most beautiful pieces of jewelery I have ever seen.

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