Wednesday, December 23, 2009


No, that's not the stress of Christmas Eve-Eve getting to me. It's the stress that I hit "delete" when I didn't really mean to hit delete. I have deleted everyone's blog from my blog list.

For a heart-warming Christmas gift from you to me, would you please let send me your blog name again so I can fill up another list? You can post it as message, send it to me by email, snail mail or even send me a Facebook message. It's pretty hard to not reach me these days. Gees, you could even call of my phone numbers or come visit me!

Merry Christmas everyone! May you be healthy, happy and not delete your blog lists in the coming year (but if you do I'll remind you of my blog address).

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy birthday Heids

The baby is three - and she's still the baby! (Whew!)

When Heidi came into my room in the morning I asked her how old she was. Surprisingly, she said, "Tuna haf." Heidi's been counting down for her birthday and was very excited that today was the day. Maybe she didn't get it after all. I said, "No Heidi. You're three today!" To which she responded, "No. First my party, THEN I be three." (She is apparently fluent in Ebonics.)

I kept asking her all day how old she was and she just wouldn't say three. Maybe, I thought, she was like those ladies who are perpetually 29, except Heidi's lie would be a little more obvious.

Then we had the party - with chicken pinata included. As soon as she blew out the candles she said, "Now I three!" and then she tried to eat the candles. I guess three isn't all that grown up after all. But come on, look at her. That's a big girl!

Happy birthday Heids. We love you!

Monday, December 14, 2009

So the flu shot DIDN'T make us sick?

On Tuesday morning Heidi and Molly had their H1N1 doses. Molly got a shot. Heidi got the mist. On Tuesday afternoon Molly started throwing up like crazy. I'd always thought that the people who said the flu shots made them sick were full of beans. I changed my mind after this. She was FINE before the shot. Darn flu shot. I thought Heidi was just lucky to have had the mist.

On Friday night Emily and Molly had their dance recital. It was fantastic! They were both so cute and really excited to be in the performance.

On Saturday morning Emily had another performance, this time with Heidi. We were so excited to go that we got there an HOUR early by mistake. I think that should make up for the times I've been 5 minutes late. I was planning to take a cute photo of the Heidi and Emily like the one of Em and Molly above but SOMETHING happened.

News flash!
The flu shot did not make Molly sick. She had the flu.

Everything was fine during the first performance. Just before the second performance of the morning started I was called from my seat because, as they put it, "We have some tears." Well, of course it was Heidi. She'd been freaked out about the clown outfit she was supposed to wear. I thought we'd worked through that, but I guess not.

I was so surprised to see it was Emily crying. When I got backstage they told me she was so sad because she didn't make it to the garbage can in time. WHAT?! After everything was cleaned up and Emily calmed down she said she still wanted to dance. She was first and Heidi was third so we said we'd just sneak out and get the girls after Heidi's dance.

Emily danced. I could tell she wasn't feeling well and decided maybe seeing her dance would have been more fun at our house when she was feeling much, much, much better. At least we'd get to see cute Heidi. Oh wait. She never came out. She was now sick in the back too!

Poor girls! Poor teachers who had to clean things up!

Emily's Saturday performance photo

Heidi's Saturday performance photo.

And here's Heidi's Dora cake. Saturday afternoon was supposed to be her birthday party but we had to postpone it. She was so sad but still insisted in wearing her "party dress" that you can see in the previous photo.

So to recap, the flu shot did not make us sick. Molly made us sick, and by us I mean EVERYONE in our family. Scott and I got it Saturday night. Fun.

Wishing you a happy, healthy mid-December!

Monday, December 7, 2009

I looked out the window and what did I see?


In the 7 1/2 years we've lived here, this is the first time we've had snow in our yard!

When Emily told me there was frost all over the roof my first thought was, nuts. I forgot to cover up the plants. Then I looked outside and saw heavy, thick frost. WAIT A MINUTE! I remember that stuff from 17 years in Minnesota!

We had to commemorate this special event with an early-morning photo of the girls in flip flops and shorts. They were not jazzed about going outside in it but I said I needed the photo because they might not see snow in their backyard again until they're married. To which, Heidi immediately replied, "I'M NOT GETTING MARRIED!" (I don't see the 3-year-old boys knocking down the door, so I guess she's right - for now.)

Here's another photo of the yard without the girls. Yep - that last photo wasn't photoshop trickery. It snowed!

And everyone knows that no snowfall is complete until a snowman is created. Can you see ours? Look carefully - this is California.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ho ho yourself!

Can you find someone who was not having fun at the ward wear-your jammies-to-breakfast breakfast this morning?

Here's a hint. It's not Molly or Scott.

Hey, I just realized Molly is wearing the same jammies as last year's breakfast party. Luckily this year she's wearing a fancy bow on her forehead so we can tell the photos apart. Gees, I think I'm wearing the same thing too. 2008 breakfast party attire is soooo in this year.

It's also not Laurie or Heidi.

Poor Emily. Perhaps she just didn't like the Sunny D and was hoping for freshly squeezed OJ instead. I know I'm always hoping for that.

Luckily things quickly turned around when the big man come to town (after the fourth Wise Man who was a real disappointment for anyone looking for a portly guy in red).

If I send this one to Ellen will I win a prize?
Heidi! I think the elves are going to give her a black mark for that one.

Happy December!
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