Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Favorite Things

Aside from raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, these are a few of the things I cannot live without. (If you are invited appear on a "favorite things" show, make sure it is the OPRAH show and not the Laurie show.  The gift bags on the other show might be a better haul.)

My favorite store in the world.  If they had a better grocery section I could do ALL my shopping there.  I actually found an outfit to wear to Scott's office's formal holiday party at Target this year and I didn't feel out of place with all the fancy ladies there.  

Thanks to earplugs I am now able to sleep in the same hotel room with three kids.  I can still hear them if they need something but I no longer wake up when they roll over.  I am a much happier mom.

Sudokuing is my way of relaxing.  Scott calls it "doing nerd puzzles."  He's right.  

I got my Dirt Devil Sweeper Vac for my birthday and I am happy every day because of it.  Mine is silver, to match the hairs that show up more and more every birthday.  Perhaps I should get a yellow one now, to match what I keep dying my hair.

This, along with the Clorox Bleach Pen works as well as the ads claim.  I use it for dishes, cleaning the shower, taking marker off the new furniture, etc.  LOVE.  The Tide Stain Stick does not work - at all.  

For Christmas Scott gave me this cool ipod docking station.  I carry it all over the house and the girls and I play DJ.  May we recommend our favorites?  They Might Be Giants, Ratatouille and Hairspray soundtracks, and ABBA.  

Victoria's Secret IPEX No Wire bra.  Silly name - I think it sounds like a robot antelope - but GREAT bra.  It makes me look like I'm not a 13 year-old boy.  

HOW did our grandparents live without the Dish DVR?  I am trying to figure out how I'm going to get it to Girls Camp this year.  

This is the best lotion I have ever used.  It's even better than Eucerin.  I have a real problem with dry hands.  My hands are often so dry that I can't touch certain fabrics because my skin attaches to it like velcro.  The overnight cream (that I use not just at night) makes this problem go away for a while.  The Target knock-off is almost as good and much cheaper.  

Clinique's black honey lipstick looks a little scary in this photo but don't be scared!  It's not "long wearing" but it doesn't taste gross, doesn't cake, doesn't bleed, looks good on EVERYONE and matches EVERYTHING!  I buy two at a time during Bonus week.  

I'm really enjoying the favorite things blogs.  I'm tagging Monica, Kristen, Paige, Erica, Stacey ES and Stacey DW.  Have fun!  (Hopefully your products are sold at Target so I can buy them.)


tim and monica said...

what a fun idea. i like seeing what other people love, it gives me stuff to test out. and i have said the exact same thing about target, almost word for word.

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

Once Scott and I were at a party playing the Newlywed Game. One of the questions was "If your spouse could be anywhere in the world right now, where would they be." As a joke I said "Target". Come on, we all know I'd rather be traveling somewhere exotic. (Right now I really want to go to Vietnam. Any takers?) Scott turned the card around and guess what he wrote - TARGET! He is my perfect match.

Amy K said...

That was fun - I love Target and magic erasers too! I need to try your lipstick! LOVE the counters, they look awesome!

April said...

Thanks for the list! I love the docking station. Adam also loves They Might Be Giants.

Stacey S. said...

Wow - you look GREAT in that VS bra! I'm going out to get one of those tomorrow :)

Am I Stacey ES? Even if I am not, I am completely doing this list on my blog, but maybe not tonight!

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