Friday, June 26, 2009

Tweet! Tweet!

No, I'm not Twittering . . . 
except with excitement over Emily's dance show!

Ta dah!

She did a tap routine to Rockin' Robin and Emily was READY for the show.  She'd been practicing a lot during the last few weeks, so much, in fact, that the whole family knows the routine by now.  The hard work paid off, because she was fantastic!  (I might even say that if I weren't her mom.)  This kid has rhythm!


Look what I found in the kitchen.
I'll bet C-3PO was glad Master Luke wasn't a little girl.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My daughter, future trial lawyer

If Molly stays in her room all night she gets to play video games the next day while Heidi takes a nap.  Molly loves to play the Nick Jr. games and the threat of no games helps a lot at night time.

A few days ago Molly earned game time but Heidi took a late nap and we were about to have friends come over.  I tried to tell her she'd have to play later, since it's not nice to play video games by yourself when friends are visiting.

this photo fits her personality just about perfectly

Molly: "But last time these guys came over I got to play video games."

(This is true, I just didn't realize she was playing games while the friends played in the playroom.)

Laurie:  "Sorry Molls, that's the rule.  No video games right now.  You can do it later."  

M: "Awww!" (She stomped her feet and walked out of room realizing she'd been foiled.)

A few minutes later Molly came back to talk to me.

M: "OK Mom, here's the deal: (She really uses that phrase, which cracks me up!) Last time I did play video games when they were here.  I don't play games when they are here today but I do next time they are here.  Then (holding up her hand and counting on her fingers) I don't the time after that but I do the time after that!  See Mom, it's a pattern."

L: (Smart kid, I thought, but I'm not giving in.)  "Hummm.  Try this pattern." ( Now holding up my hand and counting on my fingers.) "Last time was a yes, this time is a no, then another no, no, and no."  

M: (Rolls her eyes) "You don't know how patterns work."  

She just turned FOUR.  I am in for a fun ride.

SF Fashion

Amy wins!  As soon as I get around to making your present, I'll bring it over.  Think late July.

All I could think of when he was wearing my jacket (besides, eew - I hope he doesn't make it smell!) was "Fat guy in a little coat," over and over.  Josie, you were a close second.  VG.  Actually, I think you deserve a present too.  Send me your address through Facebook.

Now, on to the story of why I was cross-dressing with someone so completely inebriated.  I saw a bunch of people walking around with cameras and sheets of paper.  They were doing a photo scavenger hunt!  I thought it looked fun and asked if I could see the paper so I could get ideas for my own game.  

At first they thought I was part of another team (Um, thanks for thinking I was 19!) but after I assured them I was just with my mom and sister and probably when they smelled my minty breath they realized that I was not their competition.  They said I could look at the paper if I changed clothes with someone on their team.  

Did you know that H&M kicks you out of the store at exactly 9 pm if you are not in line to buy something?  Luckily it was after we'd been kicked out of H&M and I knew there wasn't a way we could go in a store and change clothes.  I found out later that as I said yes my mom was yelling "No!  Don't do it!"  I have a smart mom.  

He whipped off his sweatshirt and t-shirt and gees, since he was changing I thought I might as well too.  Luckily I am smart and dress in layers.  I thought the top layer was good enough.  I had a feeling he's not an XS on top so the open jacket would have to do.  His friends took his photo (as did my mom - again, smart - it might have been good for blackmail if I hadn't already posted it myself), I took a peek at their scavenger hunt sheet and we switched back.  

This post was brought to you by the letters P and U

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Captions Needed

My mom, my sister Kristen and I had a great time in SF this weekend.  

I also met a new friend.

Whoever submits the best caption or story for this photo will win a prize!  Entries will be accepted until I post again.  Be creative.  I'm always up for a good laugh - apparently.  

(I think this shirt looks pretty sweet.  I should wear it to YW)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Graduate

Emily asked me, "When you graduate, do you get to wear one of those outfits and throw your hat in the air?"  

Why yes, Emily.  At our house, yes you do.  
A big thank you to GWU for making me buy the robe

Now for a little retrospective:

First day of Kindergarten

Last day of Kindergarten

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

We've been BUSY!

It's the end of the school year and we've had a lot of end-of-the year celebrations!  Here they all, all at once.  (Why post more often than necessary?)

First up, preschool graduation.  

Molly was pretty excited to wear her new dress. She even has matching shoes, by the way, but those did not make the cut.  I have to say that I really think the boots made it more Snazzboree than Gymboree, and I like that.

Our favorite teacher - Cathy!  I will miss her so much in 3 years when I don't drive to her school twice a week.  I might just show up randomly by mistake when I'm on autopilot.  I did that once to Target.  Oops.  

Next was Molly's gymnastics show.  
Here she is going a little Flashdance on me.  

I swear I did not ask her to do this pose (or the other one).  I asked her to stand by the sign so I could take her photo and she suddenly got all serious and stuck her leg out. Hilarious!  

The posing was more fun for her than the class.  She was not into the actual gymnastics part of the class at all the day.  Molly is a balancing and bouncing machine at home but during the show she asked a teacher to help her do a forward roll.  I guess she didn't want to show off - at all.

The next day was Heidi's show, and we all got to participate!
(Check out those pigtails!  She finally let me put them in!)

Ta dah! 

Heidi is our daredevil.  She loved hanging from the top bar.  What a monkey that girl is.


Today was Emily's Kindergarten graduation program!  How am I old enough to have a Kindergarten graduate?  HOORAY for Emily!  

All five Kindergarten classes sang songs and then we all had a BBQ in the park.  My favorite song was "Je suis une pizza." I sang that in my French class in college - Emily is so much more advanced, obviously. 
Here's the Piglet class going in for the hug.  
Thank you to our fantastic teacher!

Best part of the picnic?  Easy.  Piglet Pigskin. 

It was pretty funny.  Emily has no idea how to play football, so anytime she was about to make a touchdown she'd pass the ball.  The other team went wild, and Emily thought it was great too, thinking they were going wild for her awesome passing skills.  We have to get this girl into more sports. 
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