Wednesday, April 30, 2008

18 more to go . . .

As I mentioned in the last post, Emily lost a tooth at the Diamondbacks game.  Luckily Kristen caught the play-by-play on film.  Enjoy!

I was showing Emily how to look tough.  I was not pulling hard.  
I swear.

Just after the tooth popped out Emily was a little concerned.  
There was BLOOD on it!

She was feeling a little spooked by the blood still.

But she quickly got over it . . . 

when she remembered about the tooth fairy!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Arizona Countdown

7 days at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

6 cousins

5 olives at a time (many, many times)

4 dogs

3 GIGANTIC bags of cotton candy

2 trips to the doctor
(oddly enough this was in no way related to the cotton candy)

1 tooth lost at the Diamondbacks game

0 energy left

Saturday, April 26, 2008


How fun to meet your second cousin only to discover she is your long lost twin!  These two look more like sisters than their actual sisters.  We hope to see more of this cute girl and her family soon in the ville!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Warm Milk and Ambien Anyone?

Someone in our family, I'll let you guess who, is a little grouchy.  

The heat shield hasn't worked as well as I had hoped.  She's still getting up at 5:45 but now she's added several trips into my bedroom in the middle of the night so she can tell me things like, how NOT sleepy she is. Thanks, Molls.  That's fun for us all!

I have a sneaking suspicion she really is sleepy . . . 

because she keeps passing out on the floor with flip-flops as her pillows.  (Awesome outfit!)

I am also sleepy, as shown here in this photo of Heidi's dress.  I just washed it and realized it was all bunchy in the back.  I turned it inside out and realized the diaper cover that came with at at the store was still attached.  No wonder her rear looked a little large at church.  There was a giant wad of material flopping around her all day.  Sorry Heidi.  I'm trying.

Oh, update on Heidi's teeth.  I forgot to write how they broke in the first place.  Two weeks ago we were playing at the playground when she smashed her face into a stair and cut her frenulum (the little piece of skin that connects the lip and the gums - I'm learning important vocab as a mom) all the way open.  That's not really something that can be stitched and it didn't look like she'd need an antibiotic (thanks, Dr. Del Mar) so we went home again and let it heal on its own.  Again, why an I an art historian instead of a doctor? The dentist thinks she probably fractured her teeth that day and it took another hit to the teeth in the bathtub later to break them more.  That's why when we put her in bed Saturday night she had teeth and they were gone the next morning.  They finally broke all the way during that night.  Sorry Heidi.  I'm trying.

Famous Firefighter

Did you know Hugh Jackman is a firefighter in the ville?

I was hoping he'd break into song or at least show his adamantium claws but all he did was show the preschool group how a firefighter puts on all their gear.  I guess that was interesting too.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Heat Shield

At least she sleeps through the night now (thank you adenoid removal) but Molly gets up WAY, WAY too early and then is grouchy all day long.  The window in the the room she and Emily share gets hit by the sun the second it goes up.  Molly thinks if it's light outside it must be morning.  Maybe it is morning for Seminary students and milkmen, but not for me.  

Today I had a flash of inspiration through the fog of little sleep.  Why not make a heat sheild for Molly and Emily's room?  I told them it's a heat sheild (it does get hot in their room) but it's really a total black out covering. 

If I had had some big cardboard I could make it so I could remove it but I don't so I didn't.  For now, post-church nap time, I just taped a bunch of foil to cover the windows.  I'm sure this will work much better than the vinyl tablecloth I tied to the blinds last year or the "black out shades" from Lowes the year before that were just pretend black out shades.  The tablecloth was much better and I'm hoping that foil will be just what I need.  I'm sure the neighbors will think it's so lovely and modern looking too.  

Do any of you have tricks to keep kids asleep past sunrise?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Blue to Be Green

This week was, as Frank Eggelhoffer would say, "Lots of fun".  A sweet little neighbor girl brought the flu over to us and we were all looking the color of my face in this photo.  Sigh. Luckily Emily is old enough to know how to throw up in a big bowl instead of her bed and Heidi was pretty good at keeping it in the high chair.  It's a good thing she's in that so often! Unfortunately, I missed out on the YW "camp out" - OK, beach retreat.  I was really, really looking forward to that - which surprised my mother who knows how much I hate camping. (She didn't realize it was in a condo on the beach.)  My ward keeps people in their callings for a long time so perhaps I can plan it again next year.  

Anyone who wants to see Heidi's chipped teeth is welcome to come over anytime in the next six years.  There's not a lot we can do right now.  Filing is not an option and she's too little to have super expensive fake teeth put on her chipped teeth.  Even if we did that the dentist, whose own kids have broken their front teeth (that's got to make a dentist feel fantastic), said that the fake teeth fall off all the time in apples or other hard food.  So, for now, I'm just going to hope she's an early tooth-looser like Emily.  I was also thinking of getting her a shirt that says, "At least I won" so no mean boys will make fun of her.

Addition made 8 hours later - Now Heidi has an ear infection.  Why am I not a pediatrician?  I could almost make up for medical school tuition on my savings from doctor visits!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sharp Teeth

Heidi's teeth have been newly sharpened.  The worst part is I don't know when it happened.  I pulled her out of bed this morning and realized half of one tooth was missing and a chunk of the other was too!  

Has this ever happened to any of you?  We're planning a visit to the dentist tomorrow but I'd love to know what to expect.

(Check out that eye in the right corner.  She looks MAD!)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Helpful Hint

Never go to sleep before your wife does on April Fools Day.

At last!

I love this website - the UK's Daily Mail.  It's full of British gossip at its best.  I'm becoming passionate about things I never knew I cared about.  Is Kerry Katona's marriage on the rocks and is it because she's back on the drink?  (Let me just say that I feel a special connection with Kerry - two of our children share a name and the third is eerily similar.  I feel like an accidental stalker!) Was the Christmas machete attack on Sugarbabe Amelle's boyfriend something they can work through? Has WAG Colleen really uninvited Wayne Rooney's family to their two million pound wedding?  I know - fascinating stuff. 

Buy today - AT LAST - I found something really useful.  Makeup for extra pale girls!  It's just what I've been looking for.  The best part is that this article was not written as an April Fool's joke.  I swear the hawker, poor Nicola, does not look like a Kabuki theater extra.  Oh wait, April Fools on her!  When you read this article, be sure to read the comments.  They're always the best part of the site.  

I love my people and I'm proud to be a true Brit (a fact that Erica reminds me of every time I drink a Coke without ice.) I may even have to start listening to Girls Aloud.

April Fools!

Look what we had for dessert tonight - eggs, bacon and delicious toast.  
OK, it was really heated up and squished up marshmallows, fruit leather and delicious toasted pound cake.  Should I have added butter to the toast?  

Heidi was throwing things at her sisters and had to be moved to the back of the photo.  Sorry Heidi.  She's going to have lots of memories in that high chair.  She's in it a lot.

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