Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Lo hicimos!

This is the "before" photo.

It was taken in really good lighting (as you can tell by our yellow skin) at 5:30 am, just before Scott left for his race. Yes, another marathon. Who knew he was such a superstar? I had another hour to kill before leaving for my half-marathon. Yes, that's right. I joined in on the fun this time.

Last year I had a bunch of back/joint problems. While figuring out what was wrong with me, the doctors also found out I have osteoporosis. Really. What a fun bonus problem! So they gave be a big list of things I can't do anymore. Among other things, I can't ski, I can't play football and I can't run anymore. One doctor said, "For now you should just walk." I was ticked off for a few days - mostly about the skiing, but then thought, "Fine, dumb old-lady bones, I'll show you! I'll be the best walker there is."

I started training a few months ago and without looking like those crazy people you only see every four years on a 30-second Olympic speed walking clip I was able to do 13.1 miles in 2:37. It's a great average mile time and I beat my goal time by 2 minutes! I also beat people who RAN the whole way. (I'll bet they were frustrated.)

There is no "after" picture.

I don't know how Scott did it. I was completely spent and I only did half what he did. If there had been an after photo, it might have involved lying in bed and chowing down on a large a pizza we picked up on the way home from the race. I'm not saying that's what happened, but there's a very good chance of that. It might have been from Round Table and it might have been delicious and topped with calcium-rich cheese.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Arizona Countdown - 2010

8 cousins
(Our family brings the GIRL POWER!)

7 flying leaps over the fountains
(Probably more, but you know, I had to make the number pattern work.)

6 colors in the rainbow cupcakes
(Which, I realize, are not accurately represented in this photo.)

5 really messy dyed fingers
(Actually, 50 - 10 for each kid who dyed eggs.)

4 cousins on a volcano
(It was really a tree stump but Heidi was sure it was a volcano.)

3 girls in jammies ready for an egg hunt
(Yes, Heidi wore a ballet outfit and Molly wore a t-shirt and jorts to bed.)

2 circus performers
(Emily had the best view of all the hidden eggs.)

1 frosting thief
(Do I need to say anything else?)
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