Friday, January 21, 2011

Inaction '11

3 for 3 have the flu around here.

This is what we'll be doing today in case you want to come over.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Good Hair

A few weeks ago Heidi got a hair cut. Her "before" hair was shoulder length but kind of ratty looking. It didn't help that she liked to put it in her mouth all the time. The "after" hair looks much healthier - and it isn't long enough for her to suck.

Heidi was TICKED after she got this new haircut. We'd just seen Tangled and apparently Heidi was hoping to have the stylist give her Rapunzel hair. Luckily I convinced her that she did have Rapunzel hair. (SPOILER ALERT) Her hair now looks just Rapunzel's does at the end of the movie. That helped a lot, but she was still disappointed that it wasn't long enough to toss out the second story of the house.

Cut to a few weeks later. Heidi wants to wear her Mexican dress to school. Everything was great until she told me she wanted braids. I tried. Really, I did. But the little braid nubs did not pass the test. She was so sad and told me she wished I could put long braids on her head.

Ah hah!

I knew just what to do! I gave Heidi extensions! I took out my trusty orange yarn that has popped up in other blog posts and did a quick little fix right before we had to run out the door.

It didn't seem to bother Heidi that she had orange braids. She thought they were great and kept them in all day. This was a big deal. She never keeps hair accessories in all day! I guess I'll have to find some tan yarn to make some fancier braids. I have a feeling she's going to need them for a few more months.

I found just the right yarn for slightly more realistic braids.
Look for them on a four-year old near you.
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