Monday, November 26, 2007

Tis the Season

Can you figure out who decorated our Christmas tree this year? I'll give you a hint. It wasn't Scott. I was planning on fixing it when the girls went to bed but I think it's so cute that I think I'll leave it.

Bowling for Dollars!

Does anyone else remember that show? I used to love to watch bowling on TV. Sad.

Molly and her buddy H had their first bowling outing on Friday. When they had their turns the other bowlers all took a looooong break because it took a loooooong time for the bowling balls to make it down to the pins. Finally Molly began kicking her ball at the start because then it was a little faster.

Heidi also went bowling for the first time. Look how carefully she leans into the throw! I can already tell she'll get an A when she takes bowling for her PE credit in college someday.

Emily was no bowling novice. We went with the Beehive class a few weeks ago. She loves bowling but even more exciting than getting to bowl was wearing her "Christmas earplugs" all day. They're actually earmuffs (I'm not correcting her - calling them ear plugs is much cuter) but apparently they are more stylish when worn as a headband. She asked if she could wear it every day until Christmas. I told her yes, except for on Sundays. Reindeers are not very reverent.


Somebody's been sleeping in my bed


Our house was extra cold one night this week (it was probably 45 degrees outside - horrors!) so Heidi wore her bear outfit to bed. She must have liked it because she slept all night long. (Do they make summer-weight bear costumes?)


Molly and Emily showed their stuff during the parent performance at their ballet class last week. While Molly was not so jazzed about following instructions, this year Emily listened carefully and did just what the teacher asked her to do. Wow!

Some crazy ballerina messed up the rings on the floor. Luckily Molly reorganized them when her turn was over.

Why twirl around one part of the room with one umbrella when you can run around the entire room with two umbrellas?

Emily shows of her mad skills as she leaps over the ribbons.

One of the best parts about ballet is getting a hand stamp when the class ends.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Viva Mexico

Right after Halloween we headed south to Mexico City for a week. Scott had a mission reunion there and we decided to bring the whole family. Yes, I realize this could have been a disaster but LUCKILY we all had so much fun. No one got sick, kidnapped, or arrested (initial fears of mine) so it was a success. We did get a little bit sunburned. Oh well.

Emily and Molly loved hanging out with their buddies Michele and Denise on the bus. These girls hung out together for three whole days and it didn't seem to bother them that they weren't speaking the same language. We actually got to watch Shrek 3 a whole week before it was released on DVD. Maybe Mexico just gets earlier release dates than we do in CA. Maybe not.

We lucked out and visted during the Day of the Dead celebrations. It's kind of like Halloween but with more skeletons, less pumpkins, and remembering your ancestors instead of trick-or-treating. OK, it's not really like Halloween except for it's at the same time of year. I loved the decorations all over the place. Here's a big professional wrestling display in the city center.

Playgrounds were everywhere. Unfortunately (for slightly nervous American parents) they weren't quite as safe as what we have here. Here's Emily running on what Scott and I dubbed the bridge of death. Now she can join Indiana Jones on his next adventure and not realize it's something scary.

Here we are at the top of one of the pyramids at Teotihuacan. Heidi is a great climber. (She and Scott were both mistakenly identified as locals that day.)

My favorite Day of the Dead display was set up outside the biggest church in Mexico City. If this had been outside any church in the US people would have freaked out and called it Satanic. We freak out way too much. This was my favorite display of the trip.

Halloween - Part Three!

Halloween was a big day for us. We started the candy haul early in Davis where we trick-or-treated through the stores. Not only is Davis a cute town but we actually get to see the kids in their costumes in the daylight. Another handy thing is being able to see what candies the girls score. Luckily they are good sharers because I don't have a lot of self control.

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