Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter!

Easter snuck up on us this year!  We had to hurry to get all the decorations up and dye the eggs in time for Sunday. Thank goodness Safeway had a buy-one get-one special for 18 count eggs.  Now the only tricky part will be eating them all . . . 

We weren't too creative this year.  For the most part Emily just wanted single colored eggs and Molly wanted only pink eggs.  You'd be surprised how many eggs fit in these bowls.  Molly is very efficient and did 7 at a time!

Heidi was kept a safe distance from the dye.  Sorry Heidi.

Here are the girls, Super Model, Prince Valiant, and Daredevil, getting ready to follow the jelly bean trail to their baskets and to find their eggs that the Easter Bunny hid.  The girls were super finders this year.  I only found one that we missed today!  We hope that's the only one we missed.

How cute is this?  Three little dresses all ironed (wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles) and ready to go.  This might be one of the last times I can find matching dresses for everyone now that Emily is so darn tall so I had to do it!

And here we are at church.  It's a good thing we took a photo because we can remember this was the day that Heidi didn't have to go on the hallway once! As you can see I was sucked into the polka dot theme too.  Thanks, Target!  Notice Molly's "shiny red shoes", as she calls them, that are Emily's size and that she loves, loves, loves and wears with everything.  I tried to offer alternatives, like her white sandals, but it just wasn't happening.  At least I got her to take off the multi-colored easter egg socks that have been paired with the shoes lately so I consider it a win for me (and obviously Molly considers it a win for her that she made it to church in the shoes).  


Farrah said...

So cute!!!

Gail B said...

They look so cute in their little easter dresses. What a lovely family you have.

monica said...

Cute dresses. It was so fun to see Molly! She is a riot. I love how she has so much to say and never holds back. Matthew had TONS of fun with her.

martha said...

Laurie and Scott I haven't seen you forever! Your girls are so cute. Emily reminds me so much of Kristen. Thanks for finding me.

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