Thursday, October 29, 2009

Just when you thought Scott couldn't get more manly . . .

Scott's New Year's resolution was to run. He didn't say how far or how often, but just to do it - at least once. We're big fans of very attainable goals in this family.

It was August when Scott decided it was time to cross that goal off his list. A few months ago, after jogging twice he decided to sign up for a race. Not a normal race, like a kids fun run or a 5K , but a half-marathon!

So he's been training in the heat of Hawaii and the freezing cold that is suddenly Northern California. He even bought shoes that he hasn't already owned for several years and that he hasn't already used to mow the lawn.

Last weekend Scott and a friend even drove THREE HOURS to a race. Scott entered the eight mile trail run and his friend James ran the 50K. That's right, 5-0-K. These two may run different races, but they have the same ideas about how to save money. The night before the race they CAMPED in the race parking lot. James slept in his awesome van and Scott slept on the Aerobed on the grass.

I think we need a van so Scott can start training for the Ironman.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spoooooky recycling!

OK, so we're not really spooky at our house. I like cute Halloween, which, thanks to cute girls, is pretty easy to have. It's also easy when you have a dress-up box full of old costumes that the girls go through to pick their costumes!

Here's spooky Molls in her witch costume - the scariest of the bunch - about to get hit with a spider cookie. (Witch was recycled from Emily's 2005 costume.)

Disney wishes their princesses were this cute!

Heidi had been planning to be a dog for MONTHS before Halloween (Dog costume was also Emily's, recycled from 2004) , so imagine my surprise when the morning of trunk-or-treat she decided she wanted to be Cinderella.

Last year Molly and Heidi both wanted to be Cinderella. Amazingly enough, we HAD two Cinderella costumes already! Molly's was purchased as a dress-up outfit and Heidi's was a dress-up outfit for Emily's 4th birthday. Funny story - it was supposed to be a 4T. Um, no. Heidi was not jazzed about wearing the one Molly wore last year because, as she explained, "Molly's Cinderella, not mine." So she wore the faux-4T. She looks like she's ready for the DCC. Good thing she's wearing that undershirt.

Last March, Emily and her favorite friend Emma decided they wanted to be princess M&Ms for Halloween. Thanks to JoAnn and her fabulous 50% off all felt sale, their wish came true! I have a feeling I can't pass this costume to any sisters. Maybe Em & Em want to recycle this one next year? It's pretty cute.

I'm sorry to say I actually spent money on this one, well only for the hair so I'm not too sorry. Maybe if I had shelled out a little extra people might have guessed who we were. Here's a hint - TV.

Can you guess? Do you give up?

Monday, October 26, 2009



and sand angels

and volcanoes

and triathletes
(That's Chrissie Wellington, 2009's Ironman World Champion!)

and kayaks

and hula girls, OH MY!

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Maybe this was a mistake.

I was folding clothes yesterday and watching a very entertaining show on CMT - Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team 4. Emily wanted to watch too so she sat down and started asking questions.

Why aren't they wearing ponytails?
Are they moms?
Why are they dancing like that?
Do their moms know they want to be cheerleaders?
Why is that one crying?

Finally, after watching the girls trying out in their skimpy skimpies, she looked at me and said,
"Mom, you wouldn't be very good at this job.
Your underwear is lots longer."

My dreams have been crushed by my giant underpants!
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