Friday, June 18, 2010

Stranded no more!

Remember last year when we were stranded at the drive-in?

Heidi is showing of the Nutcracker face again.
It pays to have skills if you're stranded somewhere.

Apparently we have very persuasive friends, because we tried again. This time we were in line on a Thursday night ONE HOUR before the show was scheduled to start and hallelujah, we made it in!

Our very persuasive friends were happy to have made it inside also.

I would be willing to give a few suggestions to the owners to make the experience more enjoyable and, well, less scary and even a bit more hygienic. I don't think the owners care though, and really, isn't fear of diseases part of the experience of a drive-in theater anyway?

It was more exciting to be watching a movie in your car while wearing jammies than the actual movie was, but oh well. We can now cross that off the to-do list, and just in time! There's a sign on the screen facing the freeway that says, "STILL OPEN!" Last chance, everyone, before you have to wear real clothes to the movies.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The talented sisters of the ville

I'm not sure how she figured out how to do it on her own, but Molly can do cartwheels. Emily can't - yet, but really wants to now that the younger sister can do it. Heidi doesn't care about cartwheels but instead enjoys doing "nutcracker face" (see photo below).

Yesterday the girls were doing cartwheels in the living room.

Emily was upset.

Emily: Mom! Molly is only five and I am seven and I can't do cartwheels and Molly can!! Also, Molly said that Heidi's cartwheel was the worst one ever.

Me: Oh Molly, did you say that?

Molly: Yep.

Me: Why did you say that? That will hurt your sister's feelings.

Molly sighed, shrugged her shoulders and said: Hey Mom, everyone's got different talents.

I tried to keep a straight face.

At least they are all cute, even if they do have different talents.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Here Comes a Brownie

When I was a Brownie I had a very cool shirt. On the front it said HERE COMES A BROWNIE and on the back it said THERE GOES A BROWNIE

I liked to wear it rollerskating.

Sadly, they don't make this particular shirt anymore, but if they did, I would give it to Emily

because today she became a Brownie!
Look out, here she comes!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Swim Lessons '10

Who's excited for swim lessons?

Oh, not you Heidi?

Let's see if we can change your mind . . .

after the lollipops are passed out.
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