Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Little Freaky

Similar genes cause similar fashion statements.
Look who showed up in SLC in matching outfits!

If that's not freaky enough, we also brought the same skirt to wear to the funeral!  (Matching bras too, in case you were wondering.)

Also, and I am probably the only person excited about this but I still felt the need to share, I won the Delta in-flight trivia quiz for my plane.  I guess childbirth has not completely rotted my brain.

Be Honest

How are you really feeling about losing that tooth?

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Little Math



Happy Birthday Emily!  You're a whole hand old!
(Did you like putting toppings on your face?)

Friday, May 16, 2008

Three girls

Dum-Dum suckers.  The best part of swimming lessons - or haircuts.

1 girl loved the guppie class 
1 girl didn't mind putting her head underwater
1 girl didn't cry once during her lessons
1 girl happily practiced her kickers and scoopers
1 girl wanted to jump off the side of the pool instead of playing with toys

2 girls got to be in the duck class this year 
2 girls were in the not-quite-as-advanced group in that level
2 girls each had their own instructor in that level 
   because they needed, um, a little extra help
2 girls tried to make it through each lesson with dry hair
2 girls were very happy today was Friday

3 girls loved the suckers given out at report card time

2 girls will get to be a duck again next month

Thursday, May 15, 2008


The girls and I went downtown to meet Scott for lunch today.  They were so excited to see him that they ran over to his desk and hopped on his lap.  He's actually still on the phone in this photo.  I have a feeling the end of this conversation was a teensy bit loud.

Happy birthday Scott!  "Now you're old like Mom."  
Thanks, Emily.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Fathers & Sons

Molly and Emily love going on the Fathers and Sons campout.
Emily is getting pretty smart.  This year she asked, "Dad, why do they call it the Father Son campout?" Scott told her it was a good question and that it was called that because all of the people there had a father and all of the fathers were sons.  

That was good enough for her.  Maybe next May she will realize that she and Molly (and Heidi next year!) are the only girls there.  Hey, as long as Scott gets to help plan and attend, he figures why not take the girls?   It's not like he has any sons to take.  

Molly was too tired for questions.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Butter Queen

I can see into the future!  
I know what Molly is going to do when she grows up!

I went upstairs to change Heidi's diaper and when I came down I found Molly at work on a butter sculpture. It was pretty impressive for anyone, let alone someone three years and one day old.  

LOOK how much butter this kid was able to pile on a piece of toast.  I see the Minnesota State Fair in her future!  

I loved, loved going to the fair with my family.  One of my favorite things about the fair was going to the dairy barn and seeing the butter sculptures.  Each year Princess Kay of the Milky Way and the other dairy princesses have their likenesses carved out of a 90 pound block of butter.  If you're lucky enough to have made it past all the foods on sticks and into the dairy barn in time you get to watch the sculptor at work and even taste the butter chips!  

According to Wikipedia, yes, I did look it up, and yes, there was quite a large entry on this stuff, the same woman has been carving butter queens for the last 34 years.  When she retires I know who can take her place!  Miss Butter Queen USA, Molly!

Michelangelo eat your heart out! 
(and be sure to spread a little sweet creamy butter on it)  

Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mollo

Today we celebrated our favorite May 5th holiday - Cinco de Mollo, named in honor of Molly, who is now THREE!  Happy birthday Molls.  You may exhaust us but we love you!

Here she is running across the room with her princesses in her dress.  Three is pretty young for a full-time purse but Molly is smart enough to improvise when necessary.

This is totally my fault.  I am kind of a nut when it comes to these dresses and luckily (WHEW!) we had enough for sharing with cousins (and one bird) who came for the celebration.

This is, and I am NOT exaggerating, the very first photo we have of all three girls smiling and looking at the camera at once.  This was a special day for so many reasons!

Look - the lightest Oaxacan family ever!

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