Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Tuscan Kitchen

Luckily the subway tile backsplash is not actually pink but, as our tile guy called it, "very, very white."  The tile guy was very fast, clean and polite, even if he kept trying to sell me tumbled stone tiles instead of the white ceramic ones. I had to tell him I was sure that was what I wanted about five times.  

I guess he's just used what I call a "Tuscan Kitchen".  This is the kitchen that all the model homes have that evoke in some way beautiful Tuscany.  These kitchens are lovely, just not what I want.  Also, I'm sure there are no Tuscan kitchens that in any way resemble these model homes.  (I wouldn't know, as I understand there are no houses to rent there.)

See if you can find my favorite toy - Marbleworks!  It was in the pantry and had to be moved for the floor demolition that will be shown on the next post.

1 comment:

tim and monica said...

I love the subway tile. That is one of my favorite looks. Can't wait to see the floors.

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