Monday, August 9, 2010

My husband is a superhero


A year ago Scott decided he might as well start running. It turns out he is a really good runner. Since he finished a few marathons pretty easily he thought ht might as well start training for something else. Next month he'll be in a HALF IRONMAN. Superhero.

A few weeks ago Scott and Emily went on a training ride together. He attached our trailing bike to his road bike and rode to his parent's house. It was not close. Apparently my daughter is also a superhero.

On Saturday, as I was driving back from Utah, Scott was in a triathlon. As if that wasn't exhausting enough, later that afternoon he decided to go with a friend on a 50 mile bike ride - the temple was "on the way" (not really) so they decided to get a photo op.

I am married to a very handsome superhero.


Jen said...

He is a superhero. I am totally impressed! My Dad signed up for the Hard Corp marathon in San Diego in April since they officially cancelled the November one.

Stacey said...

Seriously impressive... You guys are the Incredibles!

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