Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poly Sci at McD

Molly ordered a hamburger with pickles, apple dippers and chocolate milk for her Happy Meal today. From the signs in the restaurant I thought she was getting a Last Airbender toy.

She opened up the bag and got really excited.

"It's a Prime Minister of Malaysia Happy Meal!"

That's right. She thought her toy was a teeny-tiny replica of the Prime Minister of Malaysia . . .

as seen on Zoolander.

Maybe she picked up on more of that movie than I thought. Look for her to start busting out the Blue Steel in her Kindergarten photo this year.


Jen said...


Martha Blood said...

I'm not sure who Zoolander is but I also think that looks like the Prime Minister of Mayalsia. I think the little toys that are coming from McDonalds lately are very strange.


I miss you guys. Good thing we have bunco and other fun girly stuff to stay in touch. If I ever need a good laugh I always come read your blog :)

Gina and the Gang said...

Once again, your entire family continues to crack me up! We have the same toy in Casey's bucket of junk, but he had no clue...and neither did I!!

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