Monday, August 23, 2010

Cubs in the Woods

Scott and I, along with Uncle Whit, Uncle Mike & the famous Savannah went camping last weekend. At first I was really hesitant to leave Heidi but Scott convinced me that backpacking is different than car camping. Aside from Girls Camp, I haven't had a lot of camping experience, but you know, he was right - there is a difference! Heidi had more fun with the cousins and grandparents anyway. They went to McDonald's for breakfast.

Scott, Emily, P, Molly and Q getting ready for the 2 mile hike.

Here's Molly pretending to be a turtle.

Emily decided to get up with the sun so instead of waking up the other kids, she and I went on an adventure. We ate our breakfast (not McDonald's) by the river. Do you recognize the jammies?

Have you ever seen kids happier to be in a tent? We might have to do this again soon.

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Herlehy Family said...

Looks like a fun family tradition to start! Great photos!

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