Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I love Park City. On Valentine's Day, 1992 I was on a date with Scott. On the last run of the day (Isn't it always like that?) I hit a bump, crashed and broke my collarbone. Luckily I didn't scare Scott off. In fact, a little under five years later we were back at Park City on our honeymoon.

Before last week I'd never been on an alpine slide and for heavens sake, I thought it was time to do something about it. Everyone had a great time, including Aunt Kristen and Grandpa Ted. Heidi especially LOVED the ride on the chair lift. I did not love sitting next to her because she was so wiggly. It's too bad she has no fear - too bad for me.

Kristen and I loved the alpine coaster so much we went back the next day and did it again. While we were there it was sunny and beautiful and just how you'd imagine heaven.

We made it home just in time for a giant rainstorm.

Emily didn't mind running around - or even spinning - in her clothes.

Molly was a little more appropriately dressed. She didn't want to accidently get her eyes wet. Do you see what she's holding? HAIL! (Everyone now, pretend you're 9 again and say, "OH HAIL!" Does that bring back memories of being slightly naughty?) I was a little worried that they wanted to play in it but I figured they'd probably get out as soon as the hail started hurting. How often do we get to play in hail in the ville? Never, so I thought we should live it up.

This was actually a different day but I thought it was appropriate to show another kind of downpour here. At the Gateway Center there's a great fountain kids can play in. Every half hour some music comes on and kids go bananas because that means the fountains go bananas. I think Heidi liked it.


Herlehy Family said...

I love the Alpine Slides and Gateway...looks like you all had a great vacation!

Stacey said...

So fun! The hail looks especially exciting...

amy smart said...

It makes me a tiny bit sad to see you at the Gateway and Wheeler Farm - places we've visited this summer - and not be there to join you. I'm glad fun was had by all.

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