Thursday, July 8, 2010

WARNING - slightly scary looking photos!

The other day Molly told me her tooth was loose. "Loose" was an understatement. That thing was about to fall out! I love pulling teeth. Check out the joy on my face in this post. Unfortunately Molly remembered my tooth-pulling skills and would not let me near her mouth. Smart girl.

Molly with a mouth full of teeth and one mean bug bite.

The next night for dinner we were having rice. Molly was worried that her tooth might fall out and get lost in the rice. Smart girl. There was a very good possibility of that happening. For the next hour or so she told me she'd have me pull her tooth before diner.

Just before dinner Molly wanted me to pull the tooth (!!!) and so I did. I was more excited about the possibility of a Tooth Fairy visit than a clean face in the photo. Molly had been eating some cherries pre-pulling. Apparently they exploded all over her face.

So when you admire the new hole in her mouth, please remember that cherries are in season and that no one needed a transfusion after losing her tooth.


Herlehy Family said...

Congratulations! We love it when the Tooth Fairy visits our house...Parker is really hoping he will get to loose a tooth soon.


lol, oh my gosh... oh my gosh...

Gina and the Gang said...

Wow, you are more brave than I. Give me a class full of kids with snot, puke, and blood and I'm okay. Give me a loose tooth and I fall over. Casey just lost his first tooth a few days ago too. I convinced him to leave it alone until dad came home from an overnight trip!

Stacey said...

Even Dr. Ben was impressed with the "cherries". He suggested suction next time. We'll give you a call when he's in need of an assistant Laurie. He loves a good assistant who doesn't shy away from a good blood bath.

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