Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The happiest kids on Earth

Remember this? Well, Molly starts Kindergarten in the fall and last week was her turn for the great cousin adventure!

It started really, really well - or really, really poorly if you're anti eating ginormous shakes in the car and watching ipods for seven hours straight. Molly wanted "a big strawberry shake" so that's what I ordered her. When I was a kid large shakes were just enough to make you feel sick. I didn't realize McD had upgraded their sizes and the large was enough to feed the plus 8. Molly was thrilled!

Soon enough we met up with Colin, who in his one more month of life than Molly has absorbed everything you'll ever need to know about Bakugan. It was a great match, since Molly happens to be a Club Penguin master.

My mom was so excited to finally get to see her not-so-secret-anymore admirer in the flesh. Check out the name on his neck! (We tried so hard to get this photo. It took us several times around the Dumbo line to have him in front of us and take a not-too-obvious photo.)

Molly was tall enough for Space Mountain (YEAH - she loved it) but too small for California Screaming (YEAH - she was a little freaked out by the up-sidownness of the ride). Luckily I got to go. Can you guess how I feel about that ride?

Cousins love sharing.

We finished off the trip with one of my favorite activities - jumping on the bed! It was lots of fun and a great success since M&C used up all their energy during the summer and will be able to sit quietly in class. (Right?)


Herlehy Family said...

Looks like Molly had a fantastic trip! I can't not believe the size of that shake...I think she will talk about that large shake for the rest of her life.

Raimi said...

Looks like another happy trip! I love how they get to take cousin trips. That will be a favorite memory for sure!

Stacey said...

Fun times!! Love the bed jumping! Only allowed when you don't have to make the bed yourself. Sweet!

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