Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ho! Ho? AHHHH!

Here's a little family photo from our church Christmas party.

The girls all thought seeing Santa was great - at first.  

When I put Heidi on his lap she FREAKED OUT.  I had forgotten that around two kids don't want scary bearded men to get too close  - even if it is your dad.  When I took her off she was fine again and kept yelling "SANTA!  SANTA!" and giggling.  That was cuter than the screaming.

Molly and Emily instantly recognized Santa.  Apparently, 180 is NOT the new 280 and everyone knows that Santa is not 6'5" and freckled.  They still thought it was fun to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas.  

We had to do some explaining afterwards.  Emily knows about all the Santas that help the real Santa but it was still pretty strange to see your dad in that costume.  I did what any good mom would do.  I told them the truth.  Santa knows that they'd been so good so they let their dad help out this year.  Only the best kids get to have that as a Christmas surprise.  (It worked, whew.)

I somehow thought the kids would be blind to everything but the red suit and beard.  No.  I guess when Santa looks and sounds just like your dad doing his "Santa" voice that he does all the time at home you figure things out pretty quickly.  


NaDell said...

Smart kids.
The picture is cute.
I like your hair!
I thought he looked a little familiar.
Does he need to pretend he's busy tonight giving a report to Santa of all the things kids wanted?

Cadle Clan said...

we missed seeing Scott as Santa. That must have been quite a site!


Yeah, Santa definitely dropped a few pounds since last year! But a Santa is a Santa as far as my kids are concerned. Santa=Presents and they dont ask questions.

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