Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to the 60's

Quick!  Go to and see how great you could have looked in your yearbook.

1960 - I love these glasses.  Really. 
1964 - Still love the glasses.  I tried to buy some cat-eye glasses last time I needed to buy glasses but sadly, the are no longer made for adults who have a child-sized head.
1966 - This looks like me now.  I think I need a new hairdo.

1968 - This looks like me last fall.  Uh oh. 
1976 - OK, not really the 60s anymore but I love those bangs!


Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh!! I'm going to have to do that. Those pictures are hilarious!!!!

Amy K said...

Those are a riot! You have a face for every decade.

Laurie said...

My little sister did this too...I laughed just as hard at her pictures as I did yours!

Smarties said...

Maybe we could all head to the Vidal Sassoon hair school in London with these suggestions! Good excuse for a field trip!


Wow, some of the pics made you age a few years, while some made you look younger... amazing what a hair cut/style can do for you.

Either way, it was lots of fun to look at!

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