Monday, October 27, 2008

Chicken Pops

I thought Molly had some bug bites on her face and hands and arms and legs.  Worst luck, Molls.  Then I found out some people we know have chicken pox.  Then I noticed that the "bug bites " were multiplying and looked exactly like chicken pox.  "Chicken Pops?" Molly asked.

Luckily it was only Molly.  Then yesterday Emily got them too!  AHHH!  All three girls were vaccinated and only Heidi lucked out to not get it (knock on wood).  They have a very mild case and they're not very itchy but they do have it.  Rats.

Here's Molly showing off her spots - and some leftover lunch.

Here's the sad part.  I just talked with the doctor who recommended that the girls stay out of school ALL WEEK - Halloween week!  I am feeling very sad for them because I LOVED Halloween week as a kid.  Luckily they don't know what they're missing since this is Emily's first year in elementary school and Molly doesn't remember what Emily did in pre school last year.

I am up for some exciting ideas from friends to make this week more enjoyable for everyone.  Tomorrow we're pretending to have dance class in  the garage but I'm going to need some help if we're all going to survive being homebound homeschoolers.  Eeks.  



Herlehy Family said...

This weekend my boys made a haunted house...kits are at Michaels...and they loved it. Good luck!

Wright Life said...

1. Build a fort and watch movies in it
2. Slide down the stairs in a sleeping bag
3. Make halloween/fall decorations
4. Read Little House on the Prairie to them
5. paint finger/toe nails a spooky color
6. Make sugar cookies!!
7. Have the girls write their own book. And then for the cover melt crayons with the iron to make a fun design
8. Paint pictures for Aunt Kristen and send them to her.
9. Watch Calamity Jane! and have a cowgirl themed day.
10. Make peanutbutter popcorn you won't regreat it!

Stacey said...

Leaf Rubbings
Acorn Collecting
Black Cats out of Paper
Melatonin . . . sleeping aid :)
Melting Beads (little beads on a peg board and then you iron it)
Ella Enchanted or Princess Diaries
Carmel Apples
Halloween songs(
GOOD LUCK!!! and Melatonin can be chewed. :)

Cadle Clan said...

Painting with Pudding and Peanut Butter Playdough are both big hits at our house. I hope everyone gets healthy fast!

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