Monday, October 6, 2008

This one's for the Workmans

This year was our sixth annual visit to Davis Ranch to pick pumpkins.  Sadly, our pumpkin picking partners, the Workman family, has moved too far away to pop over for the afternoon. Don't worry!  Here are the photos! (And yes, Emily ran down the hill at top speed again.) 

Molly, I think your pumpkin has deflated.

If you look closely, you'll see that Emily's fingernails are painted in an AB pattern.  I love Kindergarten!

The photo and face say sweet but check again just before nap time.

Molly is working on her plan to get five pumpkins in the cart without anyone noticing.  We noticed.

Happy pumpkin picking!


The Packer 5 said...

I love the AB pattern for nail painting - Dawson had do to an AB pattern homework assignment today - he wanted to use legos.

Herlehy Family said...

I love the photos! Pictures with children and pumpkins are some of my favorites...I love fall.

Stacey said...

All of those pictures are SO cute, but I have to say I am especially fond of Heidi's cute expressions...

NaDell said...

Elizabeth is constantly talking about ab patterns now. It's good to know that the curriculum is the same. At least mostly.
I love the pictures. They are all so cute.
The boots are awesome on Heidi.
I love the polka dots in autumny colors on Molly.
And Emily looks so grown up. Look how mature she looks. Does she act it too? JK.

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