Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A pox on both your houses!

Well, not really, since Rebekah is post-pox and we don't think we can spread it back again.

We are so lucky!  Our friend Rebekah had chicken pox when she was two and since she's probably in the clear (fingers crossed) she could come over and play today!  I loved having another girl in the house today whose name didn't start with a E, M or H.  We had a fun pox party with puzzles, mac and cheese and, of course, candy.  I've heard that a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, so a bar full of chocolate must make diseases leave faster.  Thank you for the fun and the treats - and my favorite, the Dr. Pepper! 
Speaking of treats, thanks Julianne for the supplies for our post-nap cooking extravaganza.


Laurie said...

Boy, I guess we left too soon!

Gail B said...

I remember the chicken pox. not fun at all, I had a friend to play with too. Thats nice for them. Cute kids and cute blog.

Jenkinson Family said...

HI Laurie, I love that you have a blog. I like it better than facebook. I have one to. Your girls are cute

Smarties said...

I'm so glad that you've put your home-bound/quarantine time into posting cute pictures on your blog. I'm sure you're ready to have some serious alone time. GOOD LUCK! HANG IN THERE! Keep dancing to MR. Roboto. It will all be over soon.

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