Friday, August 24, 2007

Ready for Harry Potter

Molly LOVES books. She loves books so much that she stays up late at night looking at them. (Maybe she is really reading and we just didn't realize it.) Sometimes she has a hard time deciding which books she wants with her in bed so she sneaks out and gets more. A few nights ago when I went in to check on her I realized she had 28 BOOKS in her bed! Is she too young for her own library card?


Stacey said...

Molly and Hannah are soul mates. Hannah's nightly routine is at least 20 books. She loves them!!! It makes me smile. She falls asleep like that all the time. Cute girls!! She was the first to read in her class. Try one of the picture books that have the words for each object on the page. Mine are Usbourne brand, but there are all sorts. I think it's how Hannah figured out how to read. Happy dreams Molly!

The Syphus Family said...

Yeah, at our house the other morning, Molly was carrying around every Charlie and Lola book she could hold. I think she maxed out at about 6! :)

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