Monday, August 13, 2007

Happy 1st Day of School!

Today was Emily's first day of the big kid class at Miss Cathy's preschool. She was very excited and chose an outfit to match her favorite sandals. Luckily those sandals matched clothes that were actually coordinated. Molly was also excited about today. I didn't realize this, but because she's been Emily's sidekick all summer she just assumed she'd get to go to school today too. Now Molly is looking forward to turning three so she can also be a school girl.

As you can see from this somewhat scary picture of all three girls, Heidi was just a little distressed too, not because Emily was going to school, but because her legs were touching the grass! Poor Heidi. She may not get over that anytime soon. That feeling still gives me the creeps.


Tim and Monica said...

That's such a cute story! I cannot believe how old Emily looks!

Stacey said...

Are those her Portland sandals?? They all look adorable as usual. I hope Emily had fun at school. I'm jealous, I still have 2 1/2 weeks to go.

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