Friday, August 24, 2007

Go Cats, Go!

We went to the Rivercats game last night. Honestly, I don't know if the girls even realized there was a game going on. If you ask them what happens at a game they would tell you this - first you eat cotton candy, then you get wiped with a lot of wipes, then you roll down the hill for an hour and then you go home. It was a successful evening.

Even Heidi tried the cotton candy. In this photo she is triying to figure out how to get more.


Tim and Monica said...

What a cute family! Poor Heidi! I didn't know she had so many problems with her ears. Hopefully the tubes work!

Wright Life said...

I'm so sad that Heidi has to get tubes in her ears. That is the biggest bummer ever, but hopefull it will work so she isn't so sick all the time. Tell the girls next time we see eachother we will have to give find some cotton candy somewhere because that is one of my favorites too!

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