Monday, August 6, 2007

Family Home Nap

We wanted to take the girls for a delicious (and free, of course) dinner of Panda Express and Big Spoon frozen yogurt. They were just a tad sleepy though. So Scott and I ate Chinese food in the car and pretended we were on a date while the girls slept in the back. They also slept through the yogurt. Don't worry though. We let them eat their dinner and dessert in the bathtub when we got home. This way we didn't have to do any dishes.

Here are some action shots of the Panda Express parking lot. Can you see Heidi in the mirror?


Gionz Zone said...

I would have LOVED to have a quiet dinner like that. And, hey, eating in the bathtub is a great idea. Less mess = less work = less stress. All good in my book!

Raimi said...

Looks like a successful FHE! We must have just missed you @ the yogurt shop. Garrett, Brody, & I hit it for FHE. We love that place.


Amy Knudtson said...

Those pictures are great! I would take advantage of quiet times too - but how lucky to get them all sleeping at once. What did you do to them? You have to let me know!

Petersen said...

The best part about them eating in the bathtub is you don't even need a cup if you are thirsty you just have to bend over a bit.

Laurie, Scott, Emily, Molly & Heidi said...

It was kind of a miracle that everyone fell asleep at once. It does help when two of the three are sick and the other one was coming down from a sugar high.

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