Saturday, December 5, 2009

Ho ho yourself!

Can you find someone who was not having fun at the ward wear-your jammies-to-breakfast breakfast this morning?

Here's a hint. It's not Molly or Scott.

Hey, I just realized Molly is wearing the same jammies as last year's breakfast party. Luckily this year she's wearing a fancy bow on her forehead so we can tell the photos apart. Gees, I think I'm wearing the same thing too. 2008 breakfast party attire is soooo in this year.

It's also not Laurie or Heidi.

Poor Emily. Perhaps she just didn't like the Sunny D and was hoping for freshly squeezed OJ instead. I know I'm always hoping for that.

Luckily things quickly turned around when the big man come to town (after the fourth Wise Man who was a real disappointment for anyone looking for a portly guy in red).

If I send this one to Ellen will I win a prize?
Heidi! I think the elves are going to give her a black mark for that one.

Happy December!


Alphabet Malone said...

Cute! Is Ellen looking for finger in the nose pictures? Do you remember my card from a few years ago?

Herlehy Family said...

Poor Emily...I am happy that she turned he frown into a smile. Very cute family photo!

Gina and the Gang said...

Dear Emily,
I LOVE your pajamas! I wish I had some just like them. Kindergarten had pajama day right before Thanksgiving Break, and you would have looked perfect! But I'm sure you were busy having a party being a grown-up first grader.
Mrs. DiBlasio

monica said...

I love Emily's face in the 2nd picture. So funny. Good thing Santa showed up to bring some Christmas cheer. We're excited to see you guys in less than 2 weeks!

Stacey said...

Molly's pink bow does compliment the pjs nicely... And I'm glad Charlotte isn't the only one with a finger up the nose next to Santa :)

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