Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy birthday Heids

The baby is three - and she's still the baby! (Whew!)

When Heidi came into my room in the morning I asked her how old she was. Surprisingly, she said, "Tuna haf." Heidi's been counting down for her birthday and was very excited that today was the day. Maybe she didn't get it after all. I said, "No Heidi. You're three today!" To which she responded, "No. First my party, THEN I be three." (She is apparently fluent in Ebonics.)

I kept asking her all day how old she was and she just wouldn't say three. Maybe, I thought, she was like those ladies who are perpetually 29, except Heidi's lie would be a little more obvious.

Then we had the party - with chicken pinata included. As soon as she blew out the candles she said, "Now I three!" and then she tried to eat the candles. I guess three isn't all that grown up after all. But come on, look at her. That's a big girl!

Happy birthday Heids. We love you!


Herlehy Family said...

Heidi, Happy Birthday! She looks so darling in that flower dress and those super cute pink boots. I can't believe your baby is now three, I still remember the evening that you went into labor.

Stacey said...

Wow! Fluent in Spanish AND Ebonix? Is the Carruth house the UN?

Happy birthday, Heidi! You are a very cute 3-year-old.

lorelie said...

She is just adorable!

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