Saturday, November 15, 2008

Who? Who? What?

This afternoon we went to the California Raptor Center's annual open house.  It was a little small and although there weren't any dinosaurs or Canadian basketball teams, we did learn all about owls, hawks and eagles.  

Emily's new Facebook profile photo.

Here's Heidi learning a new word - OWL.  
It is her new favorite word.  We expect to hear it all day tomorrow too.

Molly wouldn't even touch those "scary" glasses so the best photo we could get for her was with a feather.  

Do you like her cast?  No, her arm is not broken.  She's just making a a fashion statement with a sock - and a stamp on her chest.  Why dress like a Gap model when you can be a Molly model?


Stephanie said...

I spy an upcoming fashion trend maybe!?! Looks like it might be all the rage.

Herlehy Family said...

Very cute...I love the photos.

The Packer 5 said...

So cute - I love the sock fashion trend. My kids cut of the toes and wear them for gloves or underwear on their dolls.

Smarties said...

I was beginning to wonder if you were allowing your kids to get tattoos. Good idea to keep it temporary. That way you can try new looks/stamps every week.

Your kids crack me up! Just like you. :) (I love the purses.)

Martha Blood said...

Laurie--you have the cutest girls, ever!

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