Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Heidi's purse was not large enough for hold her blankets (which caused GREAT anguish!) so she found a new one.  

This is an action shot.  She's trying to lift it.


Herlehy Family said...

That is so funny! I hope it doen't get bigger than that or she is in big trouble.

Laurie said...

The bags just keep getting bigger! You better get her one with wheels so she can carry her "craps"

NaDell said...

I love that enormous bag!
I love the movie "Vampire Strikes Back" too! Funny quotes on the side!
Regarding Ballet, we can't take video of the performance of them, but I will post a picture of them in their costumes.

Herlehy Family said...

I hope you are getting her a new purse for Christmas. I just tagged you on my blog.

Martha Blood said...

Heidi--great idea. You'll be ready to be a mom when the time comes. I never like to leave home without all my essentials, too.

Hugs and Loves, Grandma

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