Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

This Halloween was exciting for many reasons.  First of all, it was our last day of "homeschool." The girls are no longer dotted and scratchy and they have passed the point of being contagious.  HOORAY!  Now we can return to society.  

We missed Molly's gymnastics class this morning so instead we did a little yoga in the front room.  I don't know why my girls - really, ALL of them - are so into yoga.  I don't do it.  If I stick in a yoga DVD I don't hear a noise from them for 30 minutes.  Than you, yoga.  My favorite part of the DVD is zig-zag breathing.  Come on over and we'll teach you how to do it.

The second reason it was exciting was because, hello, HALLOWEEN!  I looooove Halloween and I'm a little depressed that I have to start taking down the decorations.  Oh well.  At least we still have the candy.

Scott and three Disney princesses ready for a night on the town. 
This is a miracle photo.  These two are BOTH looking at the camera at the same time AND smiling.  (Sure, Molly looks like she's about to strangle her sister, but that's pretty normal.)

Here's Mulan having some treats and enjoying wearing the makeup that will soon go away until next Halloween.  (Mulan had apparently not eaten Kit-Kats before because when she opened them up she got excited and yelled, "There are TWO in here!")


Herlehy Family said...

That is exciting news...the girls are better. They all looked so cute.

Laurie said...

Welcome back to society! We've missed you!

NaDell said...

So cute! I love when kids are so surprised by things like that. Elizabeth got a 5th Avenue candy bar and told me that it cost them 5 dollars.
I'm so glad your kids are better.

Smarties said...

Laurie, congratulations on completing your quarantine with grace, dignity and your sanity intact. You are an amazing mother. I loved the pictures of the outing to the Temple. We are going to have to try yoga around here.

Andrea Williams said...

So glad the girls are all better. Cute costumes. Isn't Halloween great? Tell Emily that Princess Leia is an excellent choice for next year! We love Star Wars over here.

Jonathan said...

Hi, I am a writer at Stanford Medical School and am doing a story about vaccines. I did a blog search for chicken pox parties and came to your postings. I was wondering whether you'd be interested in sharing your thoughts about the chicken pox vaccine. I apologize if this is at all intrusive and understand if you'd rather not. My name is Jonathan Rabinovitz and I can be reached at I hope everyone is feeling better. Thanks for your consideration.


I would love to come to your girls yoga class. When is the next day/time? I'm there! Do they do manicures, pedicures and hair as well? My neices (Ryan and Alixe's sister, Tana, has four girls) and they are great at giving me the royal treatment. But they live in Fair Oaks, so I have been looking for a replacement since we moved to Roseville.

I can't tell you enough times how cute your girls are. Love 'em!

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