Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hooray for Molly!

Today was Molly's first day of preschool!

She was very excited about it.

Heidi was a little sad to see her go.
Actually, Heidi wanted to go too.
Or maybe it was because her legs were touching the grass.

Check out the cool dinosaur calendar she made!

If anyone wants to come see this dinosaur calendar in person, please do.  You'll also be able to see these amazing flowers all over the front entry.  I may love these but I love Molly more.  Congratulations on a big day!


Raimi said...

How exciting for Molly! We will just tell her that Heidi was crying because she missed her :). I hope she has a fabulous year!

Your flowers are beautiful! What are they?

Wright Life said...

The first day of school!!!?? She looks very excited, as she sould me. Pre-school ROCKS! How fun for her! I love the calendar she made. Will your girls make me one? P.S. Is that flower really in your front yard or did you take that in Hawaii? It is BEAUTIFUL!

Laurie said...

Pretty Flowers! What are they?

Yea for Teacher Cathy. We love our dinosaur calendar too! Molly looks smashing! I love the picture under the "Teacher Cathy tree"...I should do that too.

Alphabet Malone said...

Molly! You are such a big girl! Have a great time at school. Colin really likes your dinosaur calendar.

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