Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Swifter, Higher, Stronger

Conversation between Laurie and Emily with help from Molly:

E: Mom, is that person a boy or a girl?
L: Boy.
E: Are you sure?
L: Yep.  He just looks like a girl in that swimsuit.
E: Yeah.  He's wearing a girl swimsuit.
E & M: (Giggling)
M: Mom, that boy is a girl! (More giggles)

E: Look!  That boy is wearing pants with his girl swimsuit!
L: I know, isn't that silly?
E: Why is he wearing pants?
L: Sometimes boy swimmers wear pants in the water to make them go faster.
E: I think it just makes them look crazy.

E: Mom, is that person a boy or a girl?
L: Girl.
E: Are you sure or are  you just tricking me?

We also had a very interesting conversation about Mary Carillo.  Kids have lots of fun questions!

OK, now to my own athletes.

Today's gymnastics camp ended with a big gold medal ceremony!

Emily looked very proud of her accomplishment.
Molly celebrated by eating chocolate goldfish on the podium.
Heidi smiled for the camera for the third time ever!
(It must have been those awesome St. Patrick's Day socks.)

We celebrated the big wins with some fun at the arcade. Won't my girls be ticked off when they discover that these video games require money to work properly?  Please don't tell them.

PS - I just opened the door to Molly's room and found this - 

I hope she gets this out of her system as a kid.


NaDell said...

I love the swimmer questions. It's like Elizabeth seeing people walking with long hair on the road and assuming that it's a girl because of the long hair. Vice Versa with short hair though, sometimes. Although, who can blame her, some of those people I can't even tell!
When they were doing the sancrinized (SP) diving yesterday and the day before, the Chinese (girl) team totally looked like guys. I only knew it wasn't because of the girls who went before and after and because of the boys teeny tiny swimsuits for diving. I prefer the bodysuits....

Raimi said...

Your girls are a hoot! Aren't you glad you are recording all of this??? I think the lamp shade (that is what that is, right???) is very becomming! Thanks for the giggles.

The Goulding Family said...

So cute. Your girls have the funniest conversations. We still need to meet at the park for them to play with Gus!!

Laurie said...

Love the lamp shade!

April said...

Scott and I had a similar conversation the other day. It really is hard to tell sometimes, those girls are buff! And by the way, what are chocolate Goldfish and why don't I have any? I've never heard of such a delicacy!

Wright Life said...

What cute girls you have. They must take after their mother in athletic ability, cute comments from an early age, fun hat options, love of video games, etc.
Love, Your Mom--not Kristen

I wonder why it thinks I am Kristen today. Maybe I just look younger.

Smarties said...

Did you tell your kids that they were "the prize" when they won their Olympic medals? :)

Your children clearly inherit their charm from you! Loved it!

bill, katie, and co. said...

The Olympics convos totally crack me up! Thanks for sharing. Kids tell it like it is!

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