Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Spoooooky recycling!

OK, so we're not really spooky at our house. I like cute Halloween, which, thanks to cute girls, is pretty easy to have. It's also easy when you have a dress-up box full of old costumes that the girls go through to pick their costumes!

Here's spooky Molls in her witch costume - the scariest of the bunch - about to get hit with a spider cookie. (Witch was recycled from Emily's 2005 costume.)

Disney wishes their princesses were this cute!

Heidi had been planning to be a dog for MONTHS before Halloween (Dog costume was also Emily's, recycled from 2004) , so imagine my surprise when the morning of trunk-or-treat she decided she wanted to be Cinderella.

Last year Molly and Heidi both wanted to be Cinderella. Amazingly enough, we HAD two Cinderella costumes already! Molly's was purchased as a dress-up outfit and Heidi's was a dress-up outfit for Emily's 4th birthday. Funny story - it was supposed to be a 4T. Um, no. Heidi was not jazzed about wearing the one Molly wore last year because, as she explained, "Molly's Cinderella, not mine." So she wore the faux-4T. She looks like she's ready for the DCC. Good thing she's wearing that undershirt.

Last March, Emily and her favorite friend Emma decided they wanted to be princess M&Ms for Halloween. Thanks to JoAnn and her fabulous 50% off all felt sale, their wish came true! I have a feeling I can't pass this costume to any sisters. Maybe Em & Em want to recycle this one next year? It's pretty cute.

I'm sorry to say I actually spent money on this one, well only for the hair so I'm not too sorry. Maybe if I had shelled out a little extra people might have guessed who we were. Here's a hint - TV.

Can you guess? Do you give up?



I never saw the em and ems costumes!!! so dang cute :)I was never much of a fan of "your character" until that night... now I'm a fan :)

Stacey said...

Love the "em & em". How did you get them to stick out? Very cute!! Molly and Heidi are adorable as well. I'm still questioning your costumes?? What up?

allison said...

next year recycle your wig & be lady gaga. i've got a birds nest you can barrow and wear on your face.
(if you don't know what i'm talking about- google it)

Amy said...

Who are you?

NaDell said...

Are you people from The Office? I have no idea....

monica said...

Conan O'Brien and... his wife maybe?

monica said...


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