Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Great Scott!

We always knew that Scott's family was Scottish. I was surprised to discover that we had relatives living in the same county in Scotland in the 1600s. I hadn't even realized I had Scottish relatives, so I was very excited. I also wondered if this was why we look so much alike.

I guess it's OK if you marry a relative if there's a 400 year gap.

This weekend we decided to show our girls (well, and us) our heritage at one of the biggest Scottish festivals in the US. (FYI, and yes, I am showing off here, we didn't bring a diaper bag or even a stroller! YEEEES!)

We weren't quite sure to expect.

Would we see people all dress up like this?

Not quite. They were mostly like this.

Notice the guys on the right and left in their Utilikilts. They're "modern" kilts with cargo pockets. I tried to talk Scott into one but he denied his heritage. Don't you think they'd be pretty handy for church? Pens in one pocket, scriptures in another, coloring books and crayons on the front . . .

Unfortunately we did see some of this.

Again, notice the Utilikilt. All the cool guys have them.
Big mistake Scott.

The girls thought the boys in skirts were funny and enjoyed walking around looking for the most interesting outfits.

When not looking for the men's "purses",
Heidi enjoyed tossing the haggis into the pot.

Molly exacted some revenge and even boasted about it.

Emily found this really cool hideout under the soccer bleachers.

When Scott does decide to start wearing his kilt to church, we found some tartan options for him.

This one is his family's tartan. It's a little Christmassy for my taste.

And this one's mine! I'll let him borrow this one.


Laurie said...

Soo Funny! We saw Scott out running yesterday...he looks even taller when he is running!

April said...

Scott and I were doing genealogy once (literally, once, the only time we've ever done it) and discovered that we are 12th cousins once removed. Which basically means we're not related at all, but it still freaks some people out when I tell them.

I agree on the utilikilt; lame-looking, but surprisingly useful.

Stacey said...

Dear Fellow Scots--
I hope you enjoyed your nips and tatties at the festival. The baerns (children) seemed to have a gay time. Sorry Scotty Boy isn't a 'true scot'--no "pants" under those kilts ya know. Tell the lassies we have kilts a many in my closet of all sizes. Feel free to borrow any time. Cheers! Sister Dunlop (pronounced dun LOP)

Eric, Judith, Isaac, and Javier Cruz said...

too funny! i always laugh when i read your blog. yeah, i agree get scott to wear a kilt!

amy smart said...

Reading this post reminds me of Scottish festivals in Hyde Park and of stranger in Edinburgh Youth Hostels. (Thank goodness that guy was wearing more than a kilt!)

I quite like your tartan. You need your own kilt to go with your giant wool sweater.

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