Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SF Fashion

Amy wins!  As soon as I get around to making your present, I'll bring it over.  Think late July.

All I could think of when he was wearing my jacket (besides, eew - I hope he doesn't make it smell!) was "Fat guy in a little coat," over and over.  Josie, you were a close second.  VG.  Actually, I think you deserve a present too.  Send me your address through Facebook.

Now, on to the story of why I was cross-dressing with someone so completely inebriated.  I saw a bunch of people walking around with cameras and sheets of paper.  They were doing a photo scavenger hunt!  I thought it looked fun and asked if I could see the paper so I could get ideas for my own game.  

At first they thought I was part of another team (Um, thanks for thinking I was 19!) but after I assured them I was just with my mom and sister and probably when they smelled my minty breath they realized that I was not their competition.  They said I could look at the paper if I changed clothes with someone on their team.  

Did you know that H&M kicks you out of the store at exactly 9 pm if you are not in line to buy something?  Luckily it was after we'd been kicked out of H&M and I knew there wasn't a way we could go in a store and change clothes.  I found out later that as I said yes my mom was yelling "No!  Don't do it!"  I have a smart mom.  

He whipped off his sweatshirt and t-shirt and gees, since he was changing I thought I might as well too.  Luckily I am smart and dress in layers.  I thought the top layer was good enough.  I had a feeling he's not an XS on top so the open jacket would have to do.  His friends took his photo (as did my mom - again, smart - it might have been good for blackmail if I hadn't already posted it myself), I took a peek at their scavenger hunt sheet and we switched back.  

This post was brought to you by the letters P and U


Herlehy Family said...

That is a hilarious story! You are such a good sport.

Amy said...

Yeah!! I never win anything! Good thing I watched that movie every single day in college. I knew one day it would pay off. Cant wait!!

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