Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My daughter, future trial lawyer

If Molly stays in her room all night she gets to play video games the next day while Heidi takes a nap.  Molly loves to play the Nick Jr. games and the threat of no games helps a lot at night time.

A few days ago Molly earned game time but Heidi took a late nap and we were about to have friends come over.  I tried to tell her she'd have to play later, since it's not nice to play video games by yourself when friends are visiting.

this photo fits her personality just about perfectly

Molly: "But last time these guys came over I got to play video games."

(This is true, I just didn't realize she was playing games while the friends played in the playroom.)

Laurie:  "Sorry Molls, that's the rule.  No video games right now.  You can do it later."  

M: "Awww!" (She stomped her feet and walked out of room realizing she'd been foiled.)

A few minutes later Molly came back to talk to me.

M: "OK Mom, here's the deal: (She really uses that phrase, which cracks me up!) Last time I did play video games when they were here.  I don't play games when they are here today but I do next time they are here.  Then (holding up her hand and counting on her fingers) I don't the time after that but I do the time after that!  See Mom, it's a pattern."

L: (Smart kid, I thought, but I'm not giving in.)  "Hummm.  Try this pattern." ( Now holding up my hand and counting on my fingers.) "Last time was a yes, this time is a no, then another no, no, and no."  

M: (Rolls her eyes) "You don't know how patterns work."  

She just turned FOUR.  I am in for a fun ride.


Herlehy Family said...

She is so silly! Look out when she is a teenager, I think that she will only improve her negotiation skills.

NaDell said...

That IS great! Kids come up with funny things and have the very best memories! Negotiation helps sometimes, I'm sure.


That's right mom! You don't know how patterns work.

Soooo cute and funny!

Annette said...

Zach is really into patterns too...about really silly things like that when you wouldn't generally think of patterns...should we blame Teacher Cathy?

monica said...

She cracks me up. Very smart girl.

Cadle Clan said...

so cute!

Farrah said...

Oh my gosh, that is hysterical!

cfh said...

I know I may seem stalkerly since all I know about you and your family is on this page of your blog that I stumbled across, but I just feel so much affinity with your family. We also do Lowe's kid clinics and made the pirate boxes, frequently wear pirate garb, tried the drive-in for the first time this week, like Star Wars... I do see a couple of differences - boys instead of girls, and I'd probably let my kids go to church with marker on their face. My three year old thinks donning his fire fighter gear is wearing his best to honor God. :) Happy weekend to you.

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