Friday, April 18, 2008

Warm Milk and Ambien Anyone?

Someone in our family, I'll let you guess who, is a little grouchy.  

The heat shield hasn't worked as well as I had hoped.  She's still getting up at 5:45 but now she's added several trips into my bedroom in the middle of the night so she can tell me things like, how NOT sleepy she is. Thanks, Molls.  That's fun for us all!

I have a sneaking suspicion she really is sleepy . . . 

because she keeps passing out on the floor with flip-flops as her pillows.  (Awesome outfit!)

I am also sleepy, as shown here in this photo of Heidi's dress.  I just washed it and realized it was all bunchy in the back.  I turned it inside out and realized the diaper cover that came with at at the store was still attached.  No wonder her rear looked a little large at church.  There was a giant wad of material flopping around her all day.  Sorry Heidi.  I'm trying.

Oh, update on Heidi's teeth.  I forgot to write how they broke in the first place.  Two weeks ago we were playing at the playground when she smashed her face into a stair and cut her frenulum (the little piece of skin that connects the lip and the gums - I'm learning important vocab as a mom) all the way open.  That's not really something that can be stitched and it didn't look like she'd need an antibiotic (thanks, Dr. Del Mar) so we went home again and let it heal on its own.  Again, why an I an art historian instead of a doctor? The dentist thinks she probably fractured her teeth that day and it took another hit to the teeth in the bathtub later to break them more.  That's why when we put her in bed Saturday night she had teeth and they were gone the next morning.  They finally broke all the way during that night.  Sorry Heidi.  I'm trying.


monica said...

Okay, I laughed so hard when I read about Heidi's dress. That is hilarious. Poor Molly (even more, poor you!)! Hope you're able to get better sleep soon.

Amy K said...

That first picture makes me laugh out loud every time I see it. Honestly, I think I need to copy it. She is so funny to me - she wouldn't be in the middle of the night - but that is hilarious.

April said...

What a stinker! I guess it's a whole new world when there not in a crib. We have the luxury of being neglectful and just ignoring Adam if he wakes up before we're ready for him. Oh yeah, and the dress? Hilarious.

April said...

It's "they're" not "there", sorry, I hate that.

Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh, that is so frustrating when they don't sleep at night but are complete grumps in the day. T was doing that for a while .. and then I'd find him asleep in weird places! I feel for yah. She's very creative with the "pillows". Oh, and after N knocked out the top for teeth when he was 4, his permanent teeth started coming in when he was in kindergarten! He was so lucky and so happy.

Stephanie said...

That would be "four", not "for" --- sorry about that!

WilliamsWorld said...

I am a new blogger!

Ransom said...

The adjustment from naps is always awful, isn't it? When Elizabeth was trying not to nap anymore, she'd fall down in a heap between 4and 6 pm. Then, be up and ready to take on the world, just as we're winding down. Now, she likes to sleep from 9 to 9. She would everyday if she could. Olivia gets up everyday at 7 or 7:30 though and yells at Elizabeth until she wakes up. Olivia is still forced to take naps. She needs them bad!! Sorry about such a long comment.
Cute blog. You're obviously tired since there hasn't been an update for a little while. =)

Anonymous said...

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