Tuesday, April 1, 2008

At last!

I love this website - the UK's Daily Mail.  It's full of British gossip at its best.  I'm becoming passionate about things I never knew I cared about.  Is Kerry Katona's marriage on the rocks and is it because she's back on the drink?  (Let me just say that I feel a special connection with Kerry - two of our children share a name and the third is eerily similar.  I feel like an accidental stalker!) Was the Christmas machete attack on Sugarbabe Amelle's boyfriend something they can work through? Has WAG Colleen really uninvited Wayne Rooney's family to their two million pound wedding?  I know - fascinating stuff. 

Buy today - AT LAST - I found something really useful.  Makeup for extra pale girls!  It's just what I've been looking for.  The best part is that this article was not written as an April Fool's joke.  I swear the hawker, poor Nicola, does not look like a Kabuki theater extra.  Oh wait, April Fools on her!  When you read this article, be sure to read the comments.  They're always the best part of the site.  

I love my people and I'm proud to be a true Brit (a fact that Erica reminds me of every time I drink a Coke without ice.) I may even have to start listening to Girls Aloud.

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Carol said...

Was just clicking from blog to blog and came across yours (hope you don't mind!) and this post totally made me laugh so I just wanted to say so! Good to know Kerry Katona's plight is appreciated thousands of miles away as are the WAG's!

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