Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bounce U!

Our friend "Little Scott", who says he's not little, he's big (but not as big as Dad Scott our girls remind me) had his 4th birthday party at Bounce U last night.  Great party Scott!

For those of you who are not lucky enough to have one of these bouncy places near your house, here's what it is.  There are two giant rooms filled with giant inflatable bouncy things like slides, climbing areas with a slides at the end, bouncy rooms, obstacle courses, etc.  Bounce U (or another place near us with an equally silly name, Pump It Up) is a very popular place for birthday parties and it even has my favorite thing - OPEN BOUNCE!  

Open bounce kids can jump in the mornings for an hour and a half and then be totally worn out for nap time. The best part is that Heidi is still under two and gets to bounce with her sisters for free - and I get to bounce with her!  I have to admit it.  I think I love bouncing as much as the girls do.

Heidi has no fear and LOOOOOOVES the giant slide.  Molly does not love it and won't go near it.  Scott's parents were nice enough to finally catch this on video for me since I am always dropping her down the slide.  I do it as often as Heidi wants to (which is for an hour straight) because one of these days the management will realize I'm dropping a BABY down the slide and will make me stop.  

I'm having trouble loading the video, but in the meantime, check out this photo.  This is probably why Heidi loves bouncing.  This was taken 11 days before Heidi was born and 4 days before her friend Taten was born.  My friend Trisha and I decided to induce labor by jumping on a trampoline.  It didn't induce labor.  Rats.



Jimmy and Diane Koller said...

Carruths! How fun! Glad to see that you're blogging!

Jimmy and Diane Koller

Stacey S. said...

Ah... NOW I know where Heidi gets her love of bouncing from! It all goes back to the Palmer's trampoline :)

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