Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Who's ready?

Ready for what? Are you kidding me?
The Royal Wedding, of course.

My kids don't really have a choice whether or not to be ready. I got up in the middle of the night (at least it seemed that way) 30 years ago to watch the last big wedding and I'm not missing this one either. I live for this kind of stuff. I can't help it. It's my heritage and without major orthodontic work (Twice! Fun!) and some serious hair products I'd still fit right in.

Tonight the girls and I started planning our wedding day breakfast. Thanks to the magic of the DVR we're starting at 6 instead of 4 although I have a feeling that Emily wouldn't mind 4 so much. She wakes up so early! I wanted to plan some tasty treats, of which there are many, by the way, but the girls just wanted to plan their outfits.

So here's Emily in my wedding dress, Heidi in Molly's old Easter dress and Molly in Emily's old Easter dress. We are all about recycling in this family. Can you guess where the girls are? (Hint, it's not really my front hall.)

Molly wanted in on the wedding dress action too. It's a good thing her legs are 4 feet long. It seems to fit perfectly. I also tried on the dress. That was a fun exercise in shallow breathing. I think my rib cage has expanded greatly in the last 15 years.

To cap off the planning, we hit Baskin Robbins. Tonight was 31 cent scoop night and who can say no to that? We even got to take a tour of a fire truck that was parked outside. Notice that two girls are still in their wedding finery. Look carefully. Molly went all out and even wore nylons! Now that's fancy.


NaDell said...

Looks like fun! I liked trying on my mom's wedding dress, but I don't think she let me until I was 12.
My girls like to wear my knee high nylons sometimes. It's kind of funny. Olivia has quite the supply of thick, fun tights now though, so she doesn't really need mine.
Ice cream sounds great!
Enjoy the royal wedding. William was born five days after me. I totally used to have a crush on him. My mom watched the last big wedding too. (I'm not trying to rub in how young I am, just showing the connection to him. Maybe I'll watch it online tomorrow.)

Stacey said...

So exciting!!! Are you going to have Hob Nobs? If so, I'll be there at 6!

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