Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas dancers

We've been busy dancing up a storm around here! (Is that why it has been raining so much?) Get ready for a shower of cuteness!

Heidi was an ornament on the Who's tree. Some of the kids were candies, some were stars, some were bells and some were little trees. Heidi's favorite was the tree costume - it turns out that all the girls love the tree costume and had to take turns practicing in it. How lucky that it turned out that she got to be a tree! A few minutes later when she came out for the curtain call she ended up in a candy costume. I guess someone else got their turn to be a tree.

Molly was a stocking. At first she was NOT happy about this. The stockings were plain red and white, which, I'm told, was "BOOOOORING!" Luckily there was a little embellishment before the big show and the costumes were a lot more exciting for Molly. (They were a lot more itchy too. One boy in another performance who was not a big fan made sure every one knew he didn't like the fur around his head.)

Have you ever seen a cuter bunch of fake-Japanese girls? Emily and her dance group did such a great job at their show too! Unfortunately the song was so catchy we still can't get it out of our heads. Cha cha cha!
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