Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The BEST park in San Francisco

We went to San Francisco the other day. We drove around a bit, saw some fun things, drank fancy hot chocolate, etc. You know, the usual.

As we were getting ready to leave, Emily got really sad. "You mean we aren't going to that fun park?" We weren't quite sure what she meant. Luckily she reminded us that one time when we visited SF we went to a really, really fun park by the water. Then Scott remembered what it was . . .

the warm-up court in the Marina District.

The kids were so jazzed to play on this "playground" you would have thought we'd driven to Disneyland. We were there for at least an hour. Really!

Heidi was happy.

She even smiled for the camera. (Unfortunately she would NOT do that for the Christmas card photo shoot earlier - grrrr. Look for a card with a girl doing gang signs and making crazy faces. Yep, she's mine.)

Molly was happy.

I love this coat. It makes her look like the most fashion-forward Jawa in Tatooine.

Emily was thrilled!


Herlehy Family said...

Adorable girls! I love how the simple things in life often mean the most to our little ones.

OLIVIA said...

It's so funny what they think is awesome. Yea to Scott for saving the day!

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