Friday, October 29, 2010

Exhausting the children

First, take them to a family reunion in Southern California. Oh yes, that's pretty fun. Plus, hanging out with the cousins all day for a week will ensure deep sleep for everyone.

But to really wear them out,
take them to Disneyland!

You can try Splash Mountain, but don't sit in the front. You will get really wet. Trust me. I have "a friend" who found out the hard way.

Then look for the Kindergarten class mascot in the gift shops.

Even if your three-year old is tall enough to go on Big Thunder Mountain and begs to go, don't take her. She will not like it. (Not all grandmothers like Tower of Terror either - weird.)

If the seven and eight-year old cousins want to go on their first upside-down roller coaster together, let them. It gives their moms in the car right in front of them an extra bit of adrenaline.

Skip Playhouse Disney if you are over 4.
(Do those guys look like brothers or what?)

At the end of the day, be sure to have a strong dad.
If he is a superstar that will help.

When you finish your days at Disney, do your homework.

Now that's what I call a great trip. Thanks for the fun, everyone!


Herlehy Family said...

Looks like you all had a great trip! Disney Land always offers the best memories.

Martha Blood said...

What fun pictures--it looks like all of you had a great time! I could have told you about where not to sit on Splash Mountain. Your girls are so darling, I love being their grandma!

Gina and the Gang said...

That looks like even more fun than I knew in Molly's journal. Not to mention we did the same Disneyland thing this summer. Mike and I loved Playhouse Disney because it was dark and we could sit!

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