Thursday, August 6, 2009

Stranded at the drive-in,

Branded a fool.
What will they say, Monday at school?

Whew. Luckily my kids don't start school on Monday and I swear I won't quote anymore Grease lyrics. Maybe.

OK, on to the reason for the post:
our drive-in adventure!

Or, actually, our drive-in non adventure.

When we left the house the girls were all pretty excited. They had lots of energy, they knew I had a GIANT pot of popcorn and they were really, really excited to watch a movie OUTSIDE and in their "nests" in the back of the Jeep.

Unfortunately, the drive-in was not exactly down the street and some of the girls got tired.

Here is an action shot of Heidi doing a little texting while Emily slept.

Here's more texting alongside Molly's sleepy head.
I think Heidi's going to want her own phone soon.

And this is why we ended up making a quick exit.

We waited in the line for about 30 minutes with only one kid (the one we'd hoped would fall asleep) awake. We'd already missed the start of the movie and we'd made a serious dent in the popcorn.

We hate to be party poopers and we hated to not see the movie with our friends but we totally decided to be party poopers and take the kids home to bed.

Emily was OK with that decision when she woke up on the drive home.
She was too tired to complain.

Heidi didn't really get what was going on, so she was fine.

Molly didn't wake up until the next morning.

She was a little disappointed that she didn't get to watch the movie with her friends but thought it was kind of exciting that she slept through the whole experience! I have a feeling it will happen more often. Now that she's learned to sleep, I guess she will do it well. It's in her genes.


Cadle Clan said...

I love the picture of Emily funny!

The Sam Elmers said...

We love the drive-ins too but I always forget how NOT very kid-friendly they are. It makes for a late night, which is exciting, but also exhausting!

Sorry your:
"Summer dreams ripped at the seams,
But oh, those summer nights!"

Annette said...

Bummer...we've always said we were going to go to the drive-in but haven't made it yet...maybe it's a good thing.

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