Monday, February 22, 2010

Apolo has some serious competition

I grew up with a pond in my back yard, don't ya know. All winter long we'd get home from school, put on the skates and wear ourselves out. I'd like to skate in my backyard here, but I live in CA, not MN. I'm not willing to move just for ice.

I settled for driving a few miles to the ice rink.

None of the girls had ever been on ice before our skating trip. Scott's second time skating was our first date. I thought he was lying when he said he'd only been once. You'd have sworn he was a Gopher Stater too. I was hoping the girls had been genetically blessed with his balance.

The girls did surprisingly well.

Not only that but they ALL loved skating!

By the end of the afternoon Emily was zipping around the rink and already making plans for the next trip.

Heidi wasn't exactly zipping, but she sure wasn't screaming, so it was a major success.

Who wants to come next time?

1 comment:

Herlehy Family said...

ADORABLE photos of the girls! I am so impressed that know of the girls were screaming...that happened with Parker when we went ice skating last year.

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