Saturday, January 9, 2010

Step By Step

AKA how to paint a table in one Saturday morning

Step one! We can have lots of fun.

Once we bought a cool looking table. The color was a little off though. I actually like the color of the table in this photo but it never looked like this since the photo used a flash and the room is always dark. I thought it needed to be brighter.

Step two! There's so much we can do.

I saw a blog post about someone who silver leafed their dresser. I loved it. I didn't love how much money it was going to cost me and so I tried to think of another way to get the same look on one-tenth the price. Two words - spray paint. Here's the base coat. Adios verde.

Step three! It's just you for meeeee.

Taaaa daaaaah! It's lighter now!

Step four! I can give you more.

It looks even cooler in person. Just don't look at the top where I put the globe because it wasn't quiiite dry and now there's a lovely globe base-shaped circle. Oh well.

Step five! Don't you know that the time has arrived!
(Pause) Huuuuuh!

That "Huuuuh" noise is me hurling. Why are those guys dressed like the United Nations of sports teams? Also, um, gross, why were they popular? And the best question of all is WHY do I know the lyrics to their songs? My awesome sister (her words) swears she does not remember this song. She is 26. She needs to be schooled in bad music.


Herlehy Family said...

Great job Laurie, the table looks AMAZING! You could go on HGTV and have your own show.

NaDell said...

Who are those guys?

Looks like you've been having fun. I think you need to come and help me redo our house. I think I'm in a rut of comfortable.

ccadle said...

Love the table! Great job!

Laurie said...

Who are those guys? The table looks great! AND FYI so Laurie Carruth esque!

Amy said...

What a cool color! I would have never thought of it, but it looks great! BTW...nkotb...lyl!

Farrah said...

Is it sad that I thought those were the lyrics to Special Agent Oso for the first few steps?

monica said...

How does Kristen not know this song? As soon as I saw the first line I started singing the rest out loud. And what do you mean bad music? ;)

Your table looks great! I have actually been thinking of doing something similar. Now that I know how good the silver paint looks, I'm definitely doing it.

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