Thursday, November 5, 2009

Heidi's first day of preschool!

Heidi missed the preschool cutoff by a just over a week. I didn't mind. She was still in diapers and wasn't ready for school anyway.

Three months later that all changed! Suddenly she was excited about her fancy underpants and was really tired of hanging out with me all the time while her sisters got to go to school. I was also tired of having her be tired of hanging out with me.

On Monday I happened to find a once-a-week preschool for kids Heidi's age. Today was her first day. HOORAY FOR US ALL!

For my far away friends - come visit. We have oranges and wear short sleeves.

Molly and I dropped her off, checking out the classroom and, most importantly, the bathroom. Apparently, they're always fascinating. Her school stores some their hula hoops in on a hook in the bathroom. Molly got really excited and deemed it THE BEST BATHROOM IN THE WORLD. Wow. Beat that, Vegas.

Heidi loved school! Her class made what she called "gobblers" and what I call the cutest handprint turkey crafts I've ever seen. She wants to go back tomorrow. I want her to also.


April said...

Oranges and short sleeves. Show-off.

Herlehy Family said...

Congratulations! That is extremely exciting news... preschool, diapers and your few free hours on Monday mornings! I think that it all calls for a celebration at the Carruth house.

Amy said...

Yippee Heidi! Have a wonderful time in school.

Stephanie said...

Yeah for preschool!! For Mom's sake, too!!!

Laurie said...

Yeah for Lori!!! ohh I really mean Heidi!

Jillian Goulding said...

how cute:) what a big day. Laurie, does that mean you now have some time to yourself?!?! yea for you!

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